Well, it’s winter in Dallas again and it is about 60 degrees. As I see all the photos from my friends in ski towns of freshly cut halfpipes and 6″ of fresh, I have to admit, I’m a little wistful of those days when frolicking in the snow was my m.o. Though wistful, that’s it, I’m happy to be here and watching all the on-snow action from my iPhone and not slopeside. With that said, I came across a fancy new app today for my friends in colder places.

The new app wakes you up earlier if it snows the night before. Touted and discussed on TechCrunch as a helper for allowing extra time to shovel out your car or do other various snow-related chores for those mornings when the white stuff falls, I couldn’t help but think, “What a great app for those in ski towns!” For those of us that have lived that life, it’s not about shoveling out your car or turning it on 20 minutes before you have to leave so it will warm up adequately (this you have to do daily), it’s about being at the lift line before it opens. Yes, I can appreciate the practicality of the app for those not used to the snow, but what I truly appreciate is the excitement this app will bring to not only skiers and riders, but also to kids hoping to get that one snow day a year to stay home from school and build snowmen or sled down the hill across the street. For some, this app will be a utilitarian, early wake-up call signaling extra work and effort to get the day started. But for those that love the snowy life, the app will be an exciting and welcome early wake-up call. It could also be a great cross-marketing opportunity for ski resorts to integrate snow reports into smartphone alarm clocks. Is the big wave alarm clock app next?