According to Fernando Aguerre, President of the International Surfing Association,  surfing may be an Olympic sport as early as Rio in 2016. There’s a great article over at Transworld detailing exactly what Aguerre thinks it will take to get surfing on the Olympic roster.

What’s the time line for surfing making it into the Games?

According to the current rules, the first Olympics that surfing could be a part of are 2020. So 100 years after The Duke asked for surfing to be in the Olympics they have a chance. That will be decided in 2013. But there is also an option to get surfing into the 2016 Rio Olympics. Rio is one of the largest and most dynamic cities by the ocean in the world. Most of its inhabitants either surf, play beach volleyball, or play soccer-beach soccer included-or all of them. Olympic Surfing in Rio could be held without the need to build a wave machine.

What do the Olympics stand to gain by including surfing?

Many specialists have stated that unless the Olympics bring in new, contemporary sports that are connected to the umbilical cord of the youth in the world, they’ll become increasingly irrelevant for a large part of the young consumers. The Olympics need surfing, skateboard, and BMX freestyle, for sure. These are the core of the action sports, also called urban sports. They will dynamize the young audience of the world.

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