Capitalizing on the inevitable upsets that come with March Madness, Pepto Bismol is sponsoring the Hall of Champions at this year’s NCAA Final Four in Houston and is featuring the top 5 upsets of all time. Fans will be able to watch these famous upsets,  meet the players of these games, and vote for the biggest upset. While featuring basketball upsets, Pepto is creatively reminding fans that Pepto is there for those other upsets (of the stomach variety):

As fans are eagerly glued to the television this month and celebrate as the upsets unfold before their eyes, they might get carried away with the wing sauce and nachos. If you happen to overdo it, remember, Pepto’s got you covered* during all your celebrations.

The press release is careful to note that Pepto Bismol is for use only as directed for the overindulgence in food and drink (not simply depression caused by dwindling bracket rankings), but nevertheless, it’s a clever campaign by the pink potion.