Wow. 1L was a long time ago (thank goodness). As I look back to 2007/2008, it’s not surprising that making light of it all is what got me through it all.

Teachers’ Pets

Is it really already this time of year,

When all the fun is over and exams are near?

Is it true we’ve actually made it this far,

And law school is more than just a teen drama rated R?

Let’s take a step back, see what we’ve been through,

Then decide if the law is what we really want to do.

First, they split us up into C1 and C2,

So Lahav and Farnsworth – I can’t say I knew.

Yackle’s favorite line is “fair enough,”

And Fisher asking Shin about sodomy was pretty rough.

Stanley brought in an ad for an escort service,

And shot a gun at Hyner which made us all pretty nervous.

Kull always starts with “and the curtain rises,”

Seriously, though, who can top having wine for prizes?

Bone wants us all to hum a few bars,

Somebody tell him why there’s no general JOP over cars.

Simons uses Roadmaps, and his poor back gets sore,

And everyone knows how much McClain hates Tagore.

So there you have it: law school – about as good as it gets,

It’s a special place where we say “classholes” instead of “teacher’s pets.”

Ready for some more?

Examination Nation

Summary judgment versus motions to dismiss

Isn’t studying for Civ Pro such bliss?

For fee shifting, American or British Rule

Whoever thought we’d need a calculator in law school?!

Then there’s Rule 11 and strict pleading

Aren’t there three other classes for which I should be reading?

Error cost analysis and frivolous suits,

Man, I hope I don’t forget 1983’s roots!

Substantive claim and remedial right

Is this studying going to take all night?

But, wait, remind yourself we’ve got all year,

I can’t understand why this exam provokes so much fear.

Keep repeating to yourself it’s only 20%

That means even if you fail, you can still pay rent.

Just think to yourself there’s a B+ curve

And hope that the gunners lose some of their nerve.

At this time tomorrow we can call it a day

Let’s just hope the district judge doesn’t weigh!

Still with me?


Fee tail, fee simple, or defeasible fee,

Can anyone tell me if L can really evict T?

Tenancy in common differs from joint tenancy,

But if I get married, will I be an entirety?

We used to need privity for the burden to run,

In Kunto, continual use was as good as summer fun.

Mere pursuit is never real possession,

You need to have capture – let that be a lesson.

We need a measuring life to give an estate

The RAP says 21 years is simply too late.

A key is not symbolic of an insurance policy,

For a real gift you must have intent and delivery.

What happens if I get married and earn a degree?

In NY an education becomes your spouse’s property.

And now the Third Restatement has recently come of age,

Man I hope I can fit this all on one page!

Is anyone really that surpised that I’m more interested in branding than lawyering?